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About us

We are Dan-Tech global

With each day that passes, life becomes faster, more efficient and smarter. We are connected to the digital media 24/7, we move using an increasing variety of transportation modes and use countless electronic gadgets. We are so used to relying on technology that every second in which we are disconnected from an available energy source feels like an unsettling disruption in the continuity of our day.

DanTech's energy solutions are designed to release us from the cables that bind us – in every sense. To create a world that is free of limitations such as battery life or electrical wiring.

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A few words about us

Dan-Tech Energy, with decades of battery technology experience, offers a complete range of products and services for telecommunication, robotics, portable energy applications, e-Mobility and other OEM equipment manufacturers. Our professional team supports our customer's needs for battery packs and chargers through a complete and comprehensive process of design, testing, tooling and production within extremely responsive time frames.

Our team of capable engineers and professional managers together with advanced QC department assures the quality of our products and services. For instance, all materials purchased by us have to go through strict inspection, like cells must be tested for best quality and safety in our own LAB and must be certified by CE ,UL ,IEC and comply with the regulations of RoHS. This is why Dan-Tech has been chosen by industry-leading companies, as their approved supplier for multiple products and services.

Relying on the concept of “Innovation and Dedication”, Dan-Tech has become an outstanding manufacturer in the battery field and achieved great successes in the field of Programmable Smart Battery Modules designed to enhance the reliability and runtime of smart Li-Ion packs by providing accurate battery data and fuel gauge monitoring.

Dan-Tech Energy has a complete commitment to a clean, sustainable environment. Our manufacturing processes are based on the exacting environmental standards and our professional services for battery maintenance and reconditioning promote extended battery cycle life, drastically reducing the number of rechargeable batteries that have to be replaced to land fill sites.

How can we help you?

We deliver remarkable gains in productivity, efficiency, usability and profitability for your business. This comes from our batteries and energy storage systems which provide more power, for longer and at dramatically reduced cost. Your equipment will run for longer between charges, will have much more available power to call on, will be easier, safer to manage and to work with. It also leaves a greener environmental footprint and provides dramatic savings in total cost of ownership.

Dantech's vision is to lead the way to the world of tomorrow through innovation, originality and knowledge, to give us all the freedom to enjoy available and continuous energy without interruption. To enable each and every one of us to
simply live, in every way, everywhere and anytime, without limits.

Contact us

Dan-Tech Energy Ltd.

Dan-Tech has been operating in Israel since 2003. The Company’s heart and soul is located in Tel-Aviv, at Kiryat Atidim technology center – where our headquarter, R&D, Engineering, project management and all supporting functions reside.

Our team has decades of experience in all aspects of the Li-Ion batteries industry, and is well positioned to solve rechargeable battery challenges of
nearly any type.

Our address:
Raoul Wallenberg 6,
Tel-Aviv 6971905

Dan-Tech Energy GmbH

Dan-Tech’s headquarter, labs and production facilities are located in Berlin Adlershof Science City, which is one of the most successful high-technology locations in Germany. Around 3200 sqm of space hosts our European team, sales, logistics and advanced automated assembly lines for Li-Ion batteries and systems.

Our address:
Max-Planck-Str. 7,
12489 Berlin,

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