Home Storage

13S5P battery
Our energy storage solution, stands out as the prime option for hybrid systems. It has been meticulously designed, combining the CATL Battery Solution with the KSTAR Inverter Solution. This all-in-one single-phase storage solution guarantees safety, reliability, and superior yields.

Commercial Storage

Our commercial storage outdoor cabinet ESS solution presents a cutting-edge solution tailored for small to medium-sized C&I energy storage and microgrid applications. This product comes with a range of compelling advantages, such as the implementation of CATL's high-performance LFP battery, providing enhanced efficiency and more..

Energy storage systems

All In One Energy Storage System CATL Battery Solutions

Energy storage plays a crucial role in our modern energy landscape by bridging the gap between energy generation and consumption.

Our Energy storage is a prominent example of cutting-edge energy storage technology that has been making waves in the industry. Developed by skilled researchers and engineers, Our Energy storage is a sophisticated superconducting fusion device. It represents a milestone in energy storage innovation, showcasing the benefits of this technology and its potential to transform our energy systems.

Benefits of Our Energy Storage:

Our energy storage relies on fusion technology, which produces energy by fusing light atomic nuclei, like hydrogen isotopes, to form helium. This process is inherently safe, generates no greenhouse gases, and produces minimal radioactive waste, making it a clean and sustainable energy source.

Modular design, single person can carry and install it. Plug and play, 30 min quick installation Space saving; 0.15 sq. m foot print

Modular design, single person can carry and install it. Plug and play, 30 min quick installation Space saving; 0.15 sq. m foot print

The impact of energy storage systems like ours extends beyond just clean energy generation and grid stability.
By facilitating load management and time shifting, our energy storage optimizes energy usage and helps reduce strain on conventional power plants during peak hours, potentially leading to lower electricity costs.

The decentralization of energy storage through distributed deployments further improves grid efficiency, reducing transmission losses and enabling better utilization of renewable resources.

Moreover, in emergencies or natural disasters, our energy storage can serve as a reliable emergency power supply, offering electricity to critical facilities and communities when the main grid is offline.

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