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Medical batteries

The industry of medical equipment is growing at unpreceded rate. The ability to integrate in these devices computing capabilities, sensors and imaging technologies requires the use of safe battery cells that can provide the needed voltage and current by the internal systems.

The mechanical design of the battery is an integral part of the electronic design as well as the need for the battery to meet the standards that are required for medical use.

Our company has a strong strive for innovation and our main goal is optimizing the performance of batteries and chargers by introducing new generation of cells and new battery management concepts.

To support this process, we are fully equipped with testing instruments to perform preliminary evaluation of the battery performance and safety.

Most uses

Medical Cart

Hospital Appliances



Home Hospitalization

Key features
State of the art Energy and Power density premium cylindrical cells.
Production lines ready for FDA, UL, EU MDR and NRTL inspections.
Custom made Battery Management system with high level of safety and longevity.
Experience in Medical Product’s development and its unique requirements.
Guidance through development stage and battery certification (UL, IEC, UN38.3).
Durable, robust and reliable workmanship and materials.

Reduce development risk for your robotics systems while
bringing your products to market faster!


Why Choose Dan-tech?

Dan-Tech Energy, with decades of battery technology experience, offers a complete range of products and services for telecommunication, robotics, portable energy applications, eMobility and other OEM equipment manufacturers.

- Reliability and honesty throughout the entire process, from planning to execution.
- Manufacturing capability in Europe and fast shipping.
- 20 years of experience in the field of batteries and energy.