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Innovation Africa brings solar, water, and agricultural technologies to rural African villages

Innovation Africa, the amazing non-profit organization collaborate us to create their Energy Box, a product that has the capacity to light an entire school or medical center and power laptops and medical equipment by the power of our lithium-ion battery packs


solar, water and agricultural technologies




Energy Box

Introduced by Innovation Africa in 2008, the Energy Box has revolutionized the access to electricity in off-grid schools and medical centers. This innovative solution by Innovation Africa effectively provides ample light and energy to support the operation of laptops and medical equipment within these facilities.

Over the years, Innovation Africa has harnessed Israeli solar technology to deliver clean water to distant African villages and to illuminate and power educational and medical institutions.In late 2019, iA's dedicated team of engineers embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to develop an advanced solar technology, offering a more sustainable, efficient, and scalable energy solution tailored specifically for rural medical centers and schools.

The Challenge

  • When developing a complex system aimed at providing energy to crucial resources such as schools, electricity, and computers used by students, as well as supplying power to medical equipment, there is no doubt that you need a high-quality battery system with you.
  • Such a system should be reliable enough to deliver energy under demanding conditions, and it should be trustworthy and robust to handle the engineering challenges.
  • Dealing with battery faults in the system will be a complicated story, since these African villages are very far from each other, changing their batteries/ fixing battery problems will require hours of travel in an unsafe environment in the jungles of Africa.

The solution

A system contains a 2KWh battery pack containing Samsung SDIcells with advanced smart BMS. The battery is able to be monitored and controlled usingremote site and dashboard.

It is charged from a solar panel with high-end MPPT (MaximumPower Point) Li Ion charger, and powering powerful 220VAC outlets with allsafety and protective components.

All components are packed with a custom made enclosure, deign to absorb impact and shocks.

The solution is very “plug & play” for the installer, and connects immediately to the “Innovation Africa” Grid.

Innovation: Africa’s Energy Box with lithium-ion pack

With the ability to illuminate an entire school or medical center and provide power to laptops and medical equipment, the Energy Box offers a comprehensive solution. Utilizing Israeli-made Lithium-Ion batteries and specialized LED light bulbs, it guarantees a durable and sustainable energy source. The Energy Box stands as an efficient and cost-effective innovation, revolutionizing our initiatives by delivering optimized, scalable, and enduring solutions for rural clinics and schools throughout Africa.

The encapsulation unit houses a lithium-ion battery made by Dan-Tech Energy made the lithium-ion batteries that provide a higher energy density than a standard battery and can last for six years and more, in comparison to standard batteries which require replacement every two to three years, and at a great expense. We loved to collaborate and the work with you

Monitoring and Remote guidance

In order to deliver the best possible solution that meets the needs of an organization like Innovation Africa and helps develop such a product, we provided battery systems that are easy to remotely monitor and control. This allows real-time data monitoring of the batteries and remote troubleshooting guidance. This approach is absolutely beneficial for managing complex battery systems and ensuring their longevity. By implementing this solution, Innovation Africa can reduce battery replacements and efficiently maintain their batteries over time.


In summarizing our collaboration with Innovation Africa, we can proudly say that we have the honor of working with one of the influential companies making a positive impact on the world, making energy and clean water accessible to everyone, including those living in far villages, in non-modern and certainly non-technological environments.

We love to provide them advanced lithium-ion battery systems that offer full remote monitoring and innovative technology that saves them a significant amount of money and eliminates the constant search for energy replacements for their systems. This, in turn, helps bring this amazing technology to life