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lithium battery packs
for a world of applications

lithium battery packs for a world of applications

We lead the way to the world of tomorrow through innovation, originality, and knowledge, to give you a wide range of lithium-ion battery solutions for every energy needs.

Dan-tech Catalog

Dan-tech Catalog

Dan-tech Catalog

Dan-tech Catalog


Powering a sustainable future for your application

Dan-Tech Energy, with decades of battery technology experience, offers a complete range of products and services for drones, robotics, portable energy applications, eMobility and other OEM equipment manufacturers that will fit perfectly to your appliacation

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Our Process

from planning to production in4 steps

Dantech's vision is to lead the way to the world of tomorrow through innovation, originality and knowledge. Therefore, we innovated a unique system for production a Lithium-ion battery packs in 4 simple steps, to bring your product up to market fast and efficient.

Developing the right li-ion battery pack solution is a complex process. Our team of capable engineers accompanies you right from the start.

We offer high-performance battery packs cells, develop and program a battery management system (BMS) with critical safety functions and communication interfaces, and enable a housing and connector design according to your needs.
As part of the lithium-ion battery pack development and design process, there is a demand for production of samples for field testing in extremely short periods-of-time.

The equipment and skill of our laboratory personnel allow the assembly of these models quickly and efficiently.
Our test laboratory for batteries offers a wide range of services for lithium-ion battery packs testing.

We test and certifies batteries under UN 38.3 transportation regulations and provide third-party testing solutions for IEC62133.
Our production lines are the most advanced of their kind.

We use automatic welding machines and industrial automation for assembling our customers' battery packs products quickly and qualitatively.

All our production processes apply Industry 4.0 technology to improve production efficiency.

Supercharge the productivity of diverse applications with a powerful boost

Robotics and UMV's

We offer a comprehensive range of services to enhance the performance and efficiency of your robotics and mechatronics projects.

With our expertise, skills, and top-notch Li-ion battery packs, we provide the necessary solutions to elevate your projects to their full potential.

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Dan-Tech employs an innovative integrated design approach, utilizing cutting-edge high-density premium cylindrical cells.

Our solutions are meticulously crafted to seamlessly adapt to a wide range of power or electronic configurations, providing comprehensive and tailored results.

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Medical Equipment

At our company, we have a relentless pursuit of innovation, with a primary focus on enhancing the performance of battery packs and chargers.

We achieve this by introducing cutting-edge cell technology and revolutionary battery management concepts. Our goal is to optimize the overall efficiency and effectiveness of these essential power sources.

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Security & Monitoring

Our rich experience in developing li-ion battery packs solutions that combine voltage and current control in addition to a communication protocol, allows a continues monitoring of the battery’s performance either through the main device or through a remote station.

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Our battery packs modules are based either on Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry with a wide range of voltage and capacity.

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Dan-Tech’s UN38.3 Test Lab Services

At Dan-Tech Energy, we specialize in providing comprehensive and reliable testing solutions to ensure the safety and compliance of your battery products with UN38.3 regulations. Our state-of-the-art laboratory and expert team can certificate your battery packs in a quick process.


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