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Energy cases
Energy case 2500 Watt hour

Portable power station Li-Ion Energy Device with 2500 watt hour power which enables mobile field work with a wide range of electronic and electrical devices

Energy case 2500 Watt hour

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- Outdoor charging applications.

- Off-Grid power supply (generators replacement).

- Remote area lighting.

- Emergency, disaster and rescue tasks.


  • Revolutionary Light-Weight:

         - Easily carried by hand.
         - Extended usage time.

  • Mobile Monitoring App.
  • Smart Battery Management System (BMS).
  • Wide range of capacities.


  • Internal Li-Ion battery pack.
  • Illuminated battery indicator.
  • Anti- vandal ON/OFF switch.
  • Robust plastic case.


  • Standard Charger - 6A.
  • Main connector: Weipu SP21 - 30A.
  • User manual.


  • USB Socket QC3.0 & Type-C PD 18W/48W.
  • High Power Socket Amphenol ELP02A - 60A.
  • Second Weipu SP21 - 30A.
  • XLR Base Socket - 10A.


  • Fast charger - 15A.
  • Weipu / Amphenol with 1.5m open end cable.
  • Mean Well DC/AC Inverter.
  • Mean Well DC/DC Inverter.
Battery Voltage:

Low to Medium

Battery Type:


Output Current:


Output in Power:


- High density li-ion battery

Our portable power station contain a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery cells with a very high density efficiency of 255 Wh/Kg and 700 Wh/L compared to most other products on the market that uses battery cells with density efficiency of  about 110Wh/Kg and 220 Wh/L.

That means that our portable power station are more than X2 lighter and X3 smaller in compare to a similar product specification on the market.

- Up to 60A

Our portable power station can provide support for up to 100A output current in total and up to 60A from one single output (Amphenol ) which enables you to use any high power tools or applications at any time and everywhere.

- Long battery life

We can guarantee a longer than usual battery life and thus provide you with the peace and comfort of traveling with the portable power station for a long time.

Thanks to quality lithium -ion battery cells and high efficient BMS (battery management system) that provide better cells balancing performance we can assure more life cycle to our product to be use for a much longer time.

- Lightweight

One of the distinct advantages of this portable power station is its weight in relation to the generator. Energy in Case can provide you with a powerful portable power station that is not heavy at all. Our cases are typically lighter than the competitor’s due to our light weight battery packs.